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General Information 2019-2020 Season

Welcome to Lucan Minor Hockey Registration!

Everyone is required to use the online registration system to register for LMH.  We will be using 2 separate registration systems.  Details on how to proceed are detailed below and can also be found on the LMH website under Registration.  Please read carefully to ensure your child is registered correctly.


How to Register:


1.       Preschool Hockey (boys and girls born in 2015 - OMHA)

2.       IP Hockey (boys and girls born in 2013-2014 - OMHA)

3.       Minor Novice (boys born in 2012 - OMHA)

4.       Novice Hockey (boys born in 2011 - OMHA)

5.       Girls Hockey (girls born between 2002 and 2012 – OWHA)

6.       Atom to Midget Boys Hockey (boys born between 2002 and 2010 – OMHA Rep, AE and Local League teams. 

Girls can register for the OMHA Boys teams if they do not wish to play on a Girls team (OWHA)



Are you registering family members for BOTH OWHA (Girls only) & OMHA (Boys/Girls Hockey)?

Both of these systems have separate logins and passwords and are NOT integrated, so if you wish to register different players from the same family for BOTH OWHA and OMHA hockey, you need to go through both processes in order to register your children.   If you have more than 3 children, family discounts will apply.  If the discount does not apply automatically, it will be manually adjusted after registration.


Ready to Register?

1.       You will need a valid e-mail address and a Visa or Mastercard number for ONLINE REGISTRATION. 

2.       Register using your PERSONAL COMPUTER (desktop, Laptop) ONLY.

(registration using mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets not available at this time)



If any of the following are true you must first reach out to the Registrar prior to being able to register online ([email protected])             

·       Played hockey in another center last year (Will require a transfer)

·       New to Hockey but player is older than 9 years

·       Were unable to find your existing Lucan Minor Hockey player when registering


Registration Information:

·       The minimum age for registration is 4 years of age on December 31, 2019.

·       Pre-school program will be one ice time per week during the season

·       3rd and any additional players will receive a $250 discount on the third player and any additional players registered 

·       If your child plans to try-out for AAA, or AA/A hockey, you MUST register your child in LMH prior to those tryouts. Please register prior to the April 20th cut-off so we can have an idea of who may or may not be returning to help  co-ordinate team numbers.

·       Socks will not be a part of the online registration process this year.  Socks will be available for order in July or August via an online program.  Information will be posted on the LMH website and an email will be sent to all LMH families when the order site is ready

OMHA/Boys Gate Fees: 

·       A Gate Fee will be added to your child’s registration automatically when you register using the Hockey Canada site.  Each parent on the child’s registration will receive a single gate pass.    The pass is good for all HOME games and PLAYOFF games only.  All others visiting our arena to watch a game will still pay out gate fee.  Preschool and IP players will not be charged this fee.  Minor Novice players will incur a $25 fee and everyone else will be charged a $50 fee.  This fee is per player.

·       Depending on registration numbers, the Girls and LM teams may be grouped together at the Executive’s discretion



Payment Options:

·       All Payments pertaining to Registration will be completed online – using a credit card – one time or a multi payment options are available

·       The HCR site has an option to pay in full at the time of registration; pay in full on July 1st or make four equal payments (May, June, July and November).  In addition, the system requires a $1.00 charge to begin per player

·       The Quickenrollment system (OWHA) has only two payment options.  Pay in full at the time of registration or pay 1% at the time of registration (system requirement) then four equal payments, May, June, July and November, you cannot pay the full amount in July

·       Cash Calendar Payments have been incorporated into the registration process this year.  That is why we have added the fourth monthly payment.  $200 for families with 1 or 2 players, $300 for 3 or more players.  The fee will be automatically added under the Hockey Canada site.  There are options to add the fee under the Girls program.  If required, adjustments will be done behind the scenes after you register and an email will be sent out to notify you.  

·       Bonds will remain payable by cheque - $175 per player - Remember 1 cheque per player.  Cheques are to be dated April 1, 2020. 




Late Fees:

·       If you are unsure whether your child will be playing again next season, we recommend registering to avoid a late fee charge.    The late fee is $200

·       Late fees will apply after Sunday, April 21, 2019 for any returning player


Birth Certificates:

·       First year players (Preschool and IP) and new registrants to LMH must include a copy of their birth certificate and emergency contact information with their registration – please scan a copy to [email protected] or mail to Lucan Athletic Association at P.O.Box 446, Lucan, Ontario      N0M 2J0


Girls Gate Fees:  

Gate fees will not be charged for either Lower Lakes Female Hockey League or Western Ontario Girls Hockey League games.  To offset the costs incurred for referee’s and score keepers at our home games, a score keeper/ref fee has been added to girl’s registration cost.  Listed below are some important points:

·       The score keeper/ref fee has been included in the registration amount on the registration form

·       If you have more than 1 girl registered, each girl will pay the score keeper / ref fee

·       Since this is a policy in both Lower Lakes and WOGHL, there will be no gate fee for any girls’ home or away games for the 2019-2020 season

·       A LMH gate pass will not be issued to families that register a female player



Again this year, you can pay for tryouts in advance, with your registration (on the HCR program only)

·       This will reduce some of the confusion on the first night of tryouts

·       You can still decide to try out and pay at the first night of tryouts

·       The cost for a tryout is $50, you are guaranteed 2 skates

·       Players who have not paid will not be allowed on the ice until they have paid

·       Please check the schedule on the website in late August / early September for tryout times

·       Tryout fees apply to the Novice – Midget levels    (depending on registration numbers, there may not be tryouts for all categories )

·       If you are trying out for the Rep or AE teams, you must attend the tryouts for the Rep team, if you are let go from the rep team, you move on the AE tryouts.  You cannot show up for the AE tryouts without first attending the Rep tryouts

·       If a female player is registered with OWHA and wishes to be considered as an AP for an OMHA boys team, they must be sure to notify the coach and/or Executive in writing so we can ensure the evaluators are aware of their intentions

Permission to Skate

Players must be registered with Lucan Minor Hockey prior to requesting a Permission to Skate form if they are trying out for a higher level of hockey (ie Chiefs, Devilettes, Bluewater).  This will assist us in determining the potential number of players at each level.  A Permission to Skate form will not be granted without a completed registration.  If your child is successful, payments will not be processed.   Permission to Skate Forms can only be issued by a few LMH Executive Members, please contact the OMHA ([email protected]) or OWHA ([email protected]) rep firstGirls who are looking to try out for a team in another centre will only be released from LMH if they are accepting a position for a team that is registered A/AA or higher.


Respect in Sport:

The Respect in Sport Parent Program is a Mandatory Course that at least one parent per household must complete before their child can be rostered.   The cost is $12 (in 2014).    Once completed a copy of the completed certificate must be sent to [email protected] or included in the envelope with your payments. 


If you completed the Course last year, you do not have to complete it again this year.  

There are a few different Respect in Sport Programs, you must complete the Respect in Sport Parent Program.



Cash Calendars:

This is a fundraising program operated by Lucan Minor Hockey.  Each family is required to purchase cash calendars to sell to friends, family or co-workers.  Daily draws will be made from November 1st to February 28th for cash prizes.  Every day there is a winner with prizes ranging from $50 to $1000!   Winners will receive a cheque in the mail from LMH.  Calendar are handed out in September, notice will be sent out when dates have been chosen.


There is a new option on the Girls registration site to allow you to add the cash calendar fee to your registration.  Please read the details when registering on the girls site to ensure you chose correctly.  If you have someone registering with the Hockey Canada site, the calendar fee is added automatically so will need to skip that step on the girl’s program. 


1 -2 player family will pay $200 (if you have someone registering with HC, you will skip the adding of the fee with quickenrollment

3 or more players will pay $300 (if you are registering using both programs, you may only owe an additional $100 on the girls program, if you have all girls registering under the quickenrollment site, you may have to add the $200 or the $300 fee.  


All profiles will be reviewed, if I need to edit anything I will email you to let you know.



·       Lucan Minor Hockey is run by volunteers.  Coaches and bench staff are all parents, friends and community members.  We would love to have you join our team!

·       Applications must be completed for those interested in coaching.  Please check our website for the application forms or email: [email protected].  Deadline to submit an application is June 30, 2019.


Financial Assistance:

If you require financial assistance, please visit Canadian Tire’s Jumpstart website.




Click here ( Quickenrollment Site ) to register for Lucan Girls (OWHA) Hockey     (DOB 2002-2012)                                                        

Click here ( Hockey Canada Registration ) to register for

Lucan Preschool, IP Program and Minor Novice  (OMHA) Hockey (DOB 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)

Lucan Boys/Girls (OMHA) Hockey (DOB 2002-2011)       



If you are unable to complete the registration using the Online Form, please contact [email protected]


Thank you for your interest and registering with Lucan Minor Hockey.

Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions

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