Team Sponsorship Form (Lucan Minor Hockey)

Team Sponsorship Form
Welcome to the Lucan Minor Hockey's Team-Level Sponsorship Form. This form serves as an opportunity for businesses, organizations, and individuals to support our young athletes and contribute to their development within our hockey community. Please complete the following sections to provide sponsorship for one of our teams. Your generous support is greatly appreciated and plays a vital role in enhancing the hockey experience for our players.

Sponsorship Partner Information

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Sponsorship Details

Name/Business will be recognized as a Sponsorship Partner on the team web page. Your contribution will offset a portion of the financial commitment that comes with playing hockey.

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Business Media Accounts (if applicable)

We, the above named party, acknowledge and accept the 

Sponsor Partners have read and agree to the Lucan Minor Hockey Sponsorship Policy located at

Please make cheque payable to LUCAN MINOR HOCKEY ASSOCIATION or EMT with NAME (OR BUSINESS) & SPONSORSHIP to [email protected]

Please contact [email protected] for other information concerning your sponsorship.

Thank you for partnering and supporting our organization.