R-Zone Policy (Lucan Minor Hockey)

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Lucan-Biddulph R-Zone Policy


The goal of the R Zone operating procedure is to improve safety and reinforce respect and responsibility in all municipal facilities and programs – including our offices, community centre, parks, recreational facilities and programs. Community organizations, residents, visitors, and municipal staff will work together to promote R Zone values – improving the safety, appearance and environment of our community.

The “R” in the R Zone logo stands for Respect and Responsibility. Respect for yourself; respect for other; and responsibility for your actions. The logo is a reminder to staff and the public that the operating procedure is in effect and applies to everyone when they’re on municipal property.

This is a zero tolerance operating procedure that will apply to all Township of Lucan Biddulph facilities, including the municipal office, community centre, parks, recreational facilities and programs. The R Zone procedure enforces zero tolerance of violence, vandalism and inappropriate behavior.