Team Level Sponsorship/Fundraising Policy (Lucan Minor Hockey)

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Lucan Minor Hockey  Team Level Sponsorship/Fundraising Policy

September 2024 


This fundraising policy serves to establish clear guidelines and procedures for team level fundraising activities conducted within the Lucan Minor Hockey Association.  By doing so, it ensures compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, while fostering transparency, accountability, and ethical behaviour in all fundraising activities. 


• All fundraising activities must strictly adhere to applicable federal, provincial, and municipal laws, including those outlined by the Ontario Alcohol and Gaming Commission Act. 

• No LMHA team or individual shall conduct any fundraising activity that  requires a gaming, lottery, or liquor license without prior written permission from the LMHA Executive. Furthermore, fundraising programs cannot involve the sale of, or prizes related to, alcohol, tobacco, or cannabis. 


Sponsorship funds and proceeds from team-level fundraising activities shall be allocated to the team manager promptly upon receipt. In the absence of this  position, the funds will be directed to the head coach. These funds are intended to  enrich the hockey experience for players and should be utilized based on a collaborative agreement among the coach, team members, and parents. 


• Team-level sponsors are required to complete the online sponsorship form.
• Sponsors must remit funds according to the instructions outlined on the Team Sponsorship Form. Direct payment to the team or an individual on the team is not permitted. 

Teams are encouraged to seek sponsorship from the following sources:

I. Family and friends who own businesses or are willing to support the team  financially. 

II. Personally owned businesses of team members or their family members. 

III. Workplace of team members or their family members, subject to the employer's policies and regulations. 

• Teams should refrain from seeking sponsorship from local businesses not directly associated with the team to maintain LMHA's cohesive representation  in the community. 

• Organizational sponsorships from local businesses may be sought by LMH rather than individually by teams to ensure a unified and coordinated  approach in representing LMHA within the community. 


• Teams are responsible for fulfilling sponsorship obligations, such as providing  a "Thank You Team Plaque" if requested by the sponsor. Any costs associated  with producing, shipping, or distributing the plaque to the sponsor shall be borne by the team, not LMHA.  

• LMH will provide ordering details for the LMHA-approved “Thank You” plaque. Teams must use this designated channel to place plaque orders to ensure consistency across the organization 


• All use of sponsorship funds and money raised must be accurately recorded (receipts obtained). 

• The team manager is responsible for maintaining detailed records of fund usage. 

• Records of fund usage must be submitted to the VP of Fundraising on the LMH Executive in a timely manner. 

• Any exceptions to the distribution or usage of funds must be documented and approved by the LMH Executive. 

By ensuring transparent and accountable use of funds, LMH aims to uphold the trust of its members, sponsors, and the community. 


• Teams must obtain approval from the LMH Executive before initiating any fundraising activities.  

• Fundraising proposals should include details such as purpose, target amount, proposed methods, and timelines.

• The proposal should designate the individual(s) responsible for leading the fundraising efforts. 

• Proposals should be submitted to the acting VP of Fundraising on the LMH  Executive for review. 

Potential team level fundraising initiatives may include but are not limited to car  washes, BBQs, bake sales, and community activities to raise funds. Use of apps like  Flip Give, etc. 

Team-level fundraising initiatives should not hinder or be in direct competition with  organizational fundraising endeavours and must maintain a unified and  coordinated approach in representing LMHA within the community.  


• Teams must maintain accurate and detailed records of all fundraising  activities, including income, expenses, and donations received. 
• Records must be made available to LMHA for review upon request.
• Teams are encouraged to communicate openly with participants, supporters, and LMH about the purpose and outcomes of their fundraising activities. 


The LMHA Executive reserves the right to periodically review and amend this fundraising policy as necessary to ensure alignment with prevailing laws and  regulations and to serve the best interests of the organization. 


By adhering to the guidelines outlined in this fundraising policy, both LMHA members and teams play a pivotal role in fostering the overall success and integrity of the organization while adhering to legal and ethical standards in all fundraising activities. 

Lucan Minor Hockey Association Executive