Refund Policy (Lucan Minor Hockey)

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Refund on registrations can be obtained from the Registration Chairman on proof of registration and return of equipment belonging to L.A.A.

If a player decides not to play before they go on the ice, they will be given a full refund of everything paid including fundraising. If a player decides to leave before the end of the month, their registration will be returned on a prorated basis.
For example: leaving Sept 30 the fees will be 
divided by seven (Sept-March) and he will receive six months for Oct to March. Before Oct 30 five months etc.

Any late fee they may have paid or tryout fee is non-refundable.
After Feb 14th there will be no refunds given.

* $200 Fundraising Fee (cash calendars) cannot be refunded if the cancellation is after November 1st as all tickets will be in the draw already and cannot be removed.
** Bond cheque –– As most LMH events are prior to November 15th, it’s likely that hours would have been worked off already, and the cheque would be torn up or returned.